Thursday, April 19, 2012


India launched a 3000 mile range missile yesterday, hardly groundbreaking in terms of deadliness. But India is still welcomed to the big boy club to join the U.S., Russia, China, UK and France, (Israel and Japan which probably had this capability years ago but would never advertise it for obvious reason) and (the North Koreans and Iran which probably don't have the capability but would advertise anyways). For sure, India can proudly proclaim they can hit any part of China if they want.

If they want …, not sure what that means to India. In an all out preemptive strike, that is a big if. I wish New Delhi would have expended same amount enthusiasm in fighting poverty and corruptions for the better of Inidan people for goodness's sake. Economic establishments and thriving probably mean a lot more than the capability to hit any part of China.

But, for whatever moral victory there is for the proud Indian people, I do not want to talk about them. At least we know they are proud, good for them. Now, on to China, why is it every neighbor of China is so against China these days. One the east, Japan and Korea are having beef with China about fishing and the sea rights there. On the south, Philippines and Vietnam are armed up to fight China over south China sea, or, as they call it, the Spratlys. On the west, India displaces China as the biggest arms buyer in the world with the purpose of matching up with China in their main sight. On the north, it's the bear, the Russians, well, the Russians can never be trusted over territory issues. Sadly, the peace between Taiwan and Mainland China could very well be the most positive diplomatic development in recent years for China, but we Chinese will rather call it a domestic issue.

So is China contained? Obviously. Is China a pushover by anybody with no respect because China is too soft, as many Chinese leftists so claim? Maybe and maybe not. But Kissinger in his book on China put it that China maybe should look introspectively for the reason why such containment had occurred during the Mao era, and likewise, I would say, now. Why doesn't China have friends, beyond dubious Pakistan, Burma and Cambodia in the region. These days even Magnolia has increasingly disliked China to the point they want ally with the Koreans, their distant kins.

For one thing, the people you talk to in China, you don't get sense of correcly perceiving other countries and their cultures. Well, it's really complicated sentiments. To the west, it's the love and hate, and to countries like India Vietname, it's the disdan mixed with disrespect. All and all, the nationalistic pride runs deep in China. Partly to blame is the political propaganda and partly just the traditional sense of being the elite nation. This is dangerous.

For any rational Chinese interested in making China richer and better, a more proactive and productive way to look at the Inida's launching is to ask why Indians single out China in their statements about the newly acquired capability. And to the leftists in China, war is easy but will it really solve anything? Didn't we have a war with India and Vietnam not long ago, and look, now, how they are perceiving us? Old Chinese adage says it best: one more enemy means one more blocking wall, but one more friend means one more connected road. Chew on that!

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